Subsonic Music Streamer

Application for Windows Phone 7.

Always have access to your entire music collection without the need for any third party server or subscription.
Supports all popular formats (WMA, FLAC, MP3, AAC, OCG etc.).

Full Windows Phone 7.5 support: background playing, streaming, downloading, fast app switching, and pin to start.
New: Gapless play support!

-Keep listening when you have no cellular coverage due to full local storage including cover art, lyrics and info.
-Manage your local stored music in a convenient way.
-Control the quality of the music by controlling the streaming bit-rate.
-Create playlists on the device which can contain songs from different servers simultaneously.
-Add easily your 'newest music', your 'recently played albums', or your 'frequently played albums'.
-Add random albums.
-Full search support.
-Keep playing behind locked screen.
-Full integration with the Music and Video hub.
-Automatic storage management of local stored songs.
-Allowing to lock specific local songs.

This application focuses on fast and easy handling with two main pages:
-'now playing' where you see and control all what is currently playing including cover art and lyrics.
-'add to now playing' providing different methods for adding albums and songs to your playlist.
Start the application and the music is playing (just one click)!

Update v5.8.0.0\v5.5.0.0
-Drag/drop/delete songs in playlist.

Update v5.4.0.0
-Gapless play support.

Update v5.3.0.0
-Add Artist info and image.

Update v5.2.0.0
-Pin your favorite playlists, albums or songs to the start screen for fast access.

Update v5.1.0.0
-Added repeat and random feature.

Update v5.0.0.0
-Full Windows Phone 7.5 support.

Update v1.3.0.0.
-Add switch to control if Wifi only is used or if also mobile network is allowed to download music.
-Improve saving from playlists on the server.
-Improve auto clean mechanism from old files.
-Correct some minor problems.

Update v1.2.0.0.
-Add support for playlists on the server (besides the already available local private playlists).
-Correct library problem for some users.
-Improve memory handling.
-Improve download algorithm.
-Improve some screens for light theme.

Important note:
Subsonic Music Streamer is a client for the popular Subsonic open-source music server developed by Sindre Mehus.
The program is preconfigured with a demo server for testing.
To set up your own subsonic server at home, needed to stream your own music collection, please check

Go get it on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace .

If you experience problems with the above link search for 'Subsonic Music Streamer'.


For support or help please contact:


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