Squeezebox Control

Application for Windows Phone 7.

Control all your Squeezebox devices with your windows phone 7.
This includes Squeezebox™ Classic, Duet, Boom etc.
Both squeezebox server and www.mysqueezebox.com are supported.

Full Windows Phone 7.5 support: smooth scrolling and fast app switching.

-Main view shows your current playlist with full cover art.
-Control volume, scan through songs, power on/off, activate repeat and/or shuffle modes.
-Automatic retrieval and display from song lyrics.
-Automatic retrieval and display from artist bio.
-Browse conveniently through your whole music library with coverart to build your playlist.
-Full application support for apps like spotify, napster, facebook and more.
-Browse and play your internet radio’s and sound effects.
-Search facility.
-Create and access server side playlists and favorites.
-Switch fast between the different players on your server.
-Allow to control multiple servers.
-Send text to the display from your Squeezebox.
-Full control of all your alarms, and sleep timer.
-Control syncing of your players.
-For fast access the program can run under the locked screen.

Update v5.5.0.0\v5.3.0.0.
-Drag/drop/delete songs in playlist.

Update v5.2.0.0\v5.0.0.0.
-Full Windows Phone 7.5 support.
-Added artist image and improved lyrics and info retrieval.

Update v1.9.0.0.
-Improved lyrics retrieval.
-Corrected some minor problems.

Update v1.8.0.0.
-Added Sleep Timer

Update v1.7.0.0,  v1.6.0.0, v1.5.0.0.
-Corrected some minor problems.
-Improved lyrics retrieval.

Update v1.4.0.0.
-Improve saving from playlists on the server.
-Improve auto clean mechanism from cache files.

Update v1.3.0.0.
-support for www.mysqueezebox.com.
-Add Artist info and lyrics view.

Update v1.2.0.0.
-Improve reconnect time when running behind locked screen.
-Add length of songs to playlist screen.
-Correct minor alarm bug.

Update v1.1.0.0.
-Added application support such as spotify, napster, facebook and more.
-switch library view between artists, albums, genres and years
-some people had problems using the volume and play position sliders. Please click on left or right to move the slider.

It is advised to use Squeezecenter version 7.5 or higher.
This can be downloaded for free at: www.logitechsqueezebox.com.

Go get it on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace .

If you experience problems with the above link search for 'Squeezebox Control'.

For support or help please contact: anton@avzuylen.com.

Squeezebox Control

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